Hurricane Damage? Now What?

After a hurricane like Michael, it seems everyone is an expert on hurricane insurance claims. There are public adjustors and attorneys advertising everywhere- many of whom are from outside of our area. Where do you turn for help? At Manuel & Thompson, we are living in the aftermath just like you. Our main office and our homes have all been affected. Like you, we are facing a new “normal”. We know this is a difficult time for many people.

The process of navigating an insurance claim for your home or business can be confusing and frustrating. There are many law firms and attorneys claiming to be “hurricane lawyers”; however, the truth is, very few have the experience to successfully assist you in navigating this process. At Manuel & Thompson, our attorneys have extensive experience in handling insurance claims- including homeowners coverage issues. Let our attorneys help you. Long after the blue tarps and out of town attorneys are long gone, we will still be here. We are in this together. Consultations and case evaluations are free. Give us a call today. 850-785-5555. Follow us on Facebook for updates and important information regarding hurricane claims.

Did your home or business sustain damage during Hurricane Michael? There are a few simple steps you should take in order to have your claim handled in a prompt and fair manner. These steps will be important should you get a low-ball offer or denial of your claim.

  • Cover up damaged property– mitigate damage wherever safely possible. Examples would be to have roof damage covered with tarps and water mitigation where practical. If you fail to take reasonable steps to mitigate damage, your insurer could use that as a basis for denial.


  • Document everything– Photos of damaged areas, and property will be key to proving you incurred the losses. Make an inventory of items damaged to go along with the photos.


  • Keep receipts– If you have to buy items after the storm in order to mitigate / repair damage, then keep receipts for possible reimbursement. Depending on your specific policy, this may also include living expenses such as lodging, food, and gas if you are forced to evacuate your home.


  • File your claim promptly– Your insurance policy requires you to file your claim promptly. Get organized and use  a folder to keep all claim related materials in for future reference.


If you are dealing with an insurance company that is low-balling, delaying or denied your claim, please contact us. Manuel & Thompson attorneys have 30 years experience in handling insurance claims, including hurricane claims. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates and information.