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Insurance Disputes

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Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are only too happy to take premium payments for years on end, but when it comes time to fulfill their end of the bargain, they’re not always willing to pay. So what can you do when you make a legitimate claim and your insurance company balks?  Call us.  At Manuel & Thompson, we know the tactics insurance companies try to use to deny your claim.  We’ll make sure that you aren’t tricked into making a costly mistake, and we’ll help you get the insurance settlement that you’re owed.

Our insurance bad faith attorneys have fought countless times for clients in and around Panama City and have successfully helped those clients take on large insurance companies and secure their rightfully owed benefits. Whether you are a physician or other professional who has been wrongfully denied disability benefits, a person whose health carrier refuses to pay for a needed medical procedure, or the beneficiary of a life insurance policy deprived of the benefits without justification, our firm can help.

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Insurance Disputes

Insurance Bad Faith

When consumers purchase insurance policies, they expect to be fairly compensated if they submit a valid claim. When insurance companies deny a legitimate claim, they are acting in bad faith and violating their contractual duty to clients.  Manuel & Thompson’s insurance bad faith attorneys in Panama City, Bonifay, and Marianna have handled numerous insurance disputes where large companies have gone out of their way to avoid paying out justifiable claims.

In fact, it is rapidly becoming common practice among insurance companies to deny certain claims outright. Many companies also avoid their contractual obligations by delaying payment, or demanding unwarranted conditions be met before paying out a claim. When insurance bad faith is suspected, we urge policyholders to challenge their claim denial and immediately contact our firm. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the practices and procedures insurance companies use to try to avoid paying claims, and we can fight them on your behalf.  If you have an insurance dispute case, we can help you recover the benefits you deserve.

Insurance Disputes

If you have submitted what you feel is a valid insurance claim and are denied compensation, you should immediately contact one of our insurance bad faith attorneys at Manuel & Thompson for advice on how to proceed with your case. Insurance disputes often occur during a stressful period, and it is better to have an attorney review your case before you are forced to accept compensation out of sheer necessity.

You may also have an insurance bad faith claim if your own insurance company failed to protect you against personal liability. If a jury returns a verdict against you in excess of your coverage limits, you will be responsible for the amount that exceeds the policy limits. If your insurance company failed to negotiate with the other party or failed to offer fair compensation, they may have acted in bad faith toward you, the policyholder.

Our firm handles a variety of insurance disputes for policyholders in Panama City and across Florida. We represent clients in automobile insurance disputes, health insurance disputes, life insurance disputes, disability insurance disputes, and disputes involving any insurance claim denied without valid justification.

If you have a case involving insurance disputes, contact the team of Manuel & Thompson at our offices in Panama City or Bonifay to set up a free consultation.

Call us directly at (850) 785-5555, or 1-800-832-7225.

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